Grateful For More Memory

If you have been reading my blog for at least a few months now, you may recall back in mid-January my computer shutdown for the last time! I needed to purchase a new one. It was with great joy that I went to Apple and purchased a new Mac Pro computer. I have been an ‘Apple Guy’ since the 80’s and I certainly prefer working on a Mac than a PC.

Just walking into an Apple store is a blast! That is why I LOVED working there part-time for a while! Best job I ever had!

When I ordered it, I took the standard memory that it came with – 3 gb of memory. I finally got around to ordering more and it has arrived! I am now running on 8 gb of memory and I certainly see a difference! I am generally running a few things at once (at a minimum!) – email (2 different programs for different email addresses), Word, MagicJack, Instant Message, Video Software, Web Browsers, iTunes,  etc.! I am constantly working on it and I can s
tay in front if it ALL day if I wanted.

You can see that I am a happy camper with my additional memory. The Gratitude is pouring out of me 🙂

Be Well.


  1. Varun on March 25, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Apple is and will always be synonymous to Steve Jobs. Steve has taught, not once but many times, how to fight back! He has an immense business talent. Just looking at his track record fills me with awe! Apple was almost in bankruptcy when Steve stepped in and reshaped Apple by his sheer quest for perfection which is evident in all Apple products. Quality goes along. He took Apple from bankrupt stage to the most cash-rupt company in such a short duration.. >200B market cap and 40B in cash! WoW!!!

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