Grateful for Emails

A while back I received an email (of which I received similar ones) so I thought I would post it as well as my reply. This email was in direct response to when I sent the info on getting money back from the government.

Dear Paul,
Guess what?? I went to the web site and low and behold I do have unexpected money.  WOW!!! Gratitude to you.
By the way, since yesterday you had a Biblical quote are a religious person?
Again thank you and thank you for your emails.

My Reply:


I am glad that you have some money coming your way!

If I remember correctly, I think that the quote from the Bible is the first one I have sent out on this list. I was brought up with the notion that you never make fun of anyone’s religion. Those were great words that my Mom taught me. However, I think I interpreted them a little too strongly. As a result, I did not necessarily TALK about religion much.

Here is a little known fact about me – something my close friends know, but not many others. My father was Jewish and a musician. That means on all the High Holidays plus other seemingly random services, the family would go to Temple for services where my Dad was the Choir Director. Go so much, i had a heave dose of Judaism.  My Mom, on the other hand, was a Protestant Sunday School Teacher! We learned our fair share of that religion as well.

So apply  a heavy dose of both of those beliefs, mix well, and serve up a dose of me! I consider myself a spiritual person.

There you have a long winded answer to your seemingly simple question!

Again, it is great you have some money. If I may, I would suggest the following:

1. Give some of it away to something that feeds you spiritually.   This can be your religious organization, or even to a waitress/waiter that made a meal a little bit more special for you. One of my favorite places that really lifts me up is a child’s lemonade stand! I will often pay $5 for a 25 cent glass of the worst tasting stuff as long as they are enthusiastic and motivated!

2. Use some of the money on yourself. That is right. Be selfish with it. You deserve it for being you! This is money that came unexpectedly and you should do something special for yourself.

3. Spend it on someone you love – your spouse, a friend, a child, a relative, whomever!

4. Lastly, put it towards bills.

Ok – if you read this far, I am impressed 🙂

Be Well.


  1. Mikonmark on April 6, 2010 at 12:31 am

    Paul –
    Great blog. You are one of the brethren of goodness and kindness. The older I get the more I am reminded of those who have helped me on my journey. Like your blog has helped many. I have been so taken by people like you who have helped people like me, I was the grateful recipient of the Icon Of Hope. It is a gift of gratitude for someone who has helped you on your journey.
    Kindest Regards –

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