Grateful for Struggling

I received a call over the weekend from a friend of the family. He was having some problems with his computer (sound familiar? 🙂 ) He had purchased a new digital camera and was trying to load the programs from the CD onto his computer. It simply was not working. I tried to walk him through a few things over the phone, but still we had no luck in getting the problem resolved.

I stopped by on the way home from work and took a look at it – I discovered what the problem was and determined that I needed to get some software for him which I did not have. While I was doing this, his daughter called him and ‘coincidentally’ she needed help with her laptop that would not work! Amazing how that woks out.

The issue with the laptop was more than I wanted to get into, once I picked it up. There were some trying times as I tried to get the data off of it. It felt like a home improvement as I went back to the computer store a couple of times in order to get the ‘right’ tool for the job. However, once I struggled and persevered, I was successful in getting the data off the drive. As the old jingle goes, “Oh what a feeling!”

The next time you are stuck or feeling in a bind, or confused, or troubled, just think that you are making progress. You will pass the test and you will grow from the experience. Hang in there. You will be happy you did!

Be Well.

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