Still Grateful!

Normally, I write up these blog entries late in the evening. Sometimes, they get written earlier in the morning on the weekends. Today, I am writing it in the late afternoon.

Today was one of ‘those’ days. People going crazy with issues and errors. Data that was not balancing. Systems not working properly. It was almost like we were in crisis mode.

I was frazzled! One nice saving grace was when I took time out of the day to donate blood. Unfortunately, I pumped out my liter or so in about 10 minutes! The bliss did not last too long.

Later in the afternoon, I was going through my emails – no wonder I was the way I was… Take a look at this shot from my email (note – these are all legitimate emails – none are spam):

List of emails

And this was only up until lunch!

This was my morning!

All in all… I am still happy and grateful to be here. I know there are a lot of people that would love to have a job like mine. Or, they would simply love to have a job. I do not lose sight of that! I am very fortunate to have all these emails to keep me busy!

How about you?

Be Well.

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