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Why a Simple Life Leads to Happiness

Aug 11, 2022

There are a lot of unhappy people, but they don’t know why. They got into the myth that having a successful career would allow them to purchase large homes with plenty of possessions. They use the most recent technology to stay in touch with friends, family, and foes via social media. Why are people dissatisfied…

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Gratitude Journal

Aug 8, 2022

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for some time now. Even though it has been in different forms, I have found that I feel empty when I am not using one. I have discussed this briefly in the past, and I think this is a good time to talk about keeping a Gratitude Journal…

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5 Ways to Live a Simpler Life

Aug 4, 2022

Many individuals desire a simpler lifestyle. Few succeed in it. Although it seems appealing, reaching happiness while letting go of your possessions is challenging. However, the advantages are enormous. Your health is reversible. You can reunite with your family. Your level of stress will decrease. These all add up to a life that has been…

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Strategies for Becoming a Consistent Finisher

Jul 31, 2022

Today is the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! If you haven’t noticed, I have written a blog post every day this month! That makes me a Finisher! And although I could have (maybe even should have) written about this at the start of the challenge, I am writing about it now, as a…

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Enjoy Lifelong Learning on a Shoestring Budget

Jul 30, 2022

Lifelong learning enables you to enrich your mind and expand your career opportunities even if you completed your formal education long ago. Regardless of if you have a big bank account or if you’re on a limited budget, there are still many ways, both in your community and online, to build your knowledge and skills.…

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Let’s Make Each Other Happy

Jul 30, 2022

I like to make others happy, one small gesture at a time. My daily life is very busy, but I still make time for small gestures that help others. I like to show my appreciation and make them happy. Being kind in this way also gives me a great feeling and encourages me to be…

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7 Small Ideas to Reclaim Confidence in Big Ways

Jul 28, 2022

Children are absolutely fearless. If you ever doubt this fact, spend some time on a playground, and you’ll see exactly what this statement means. They jump into play, enlisting perfect strangers’ help for companionship and meeting their goals. They climb and run and jump, frequently with unbridled enthusiasm that adults come to envy. We’re actually…

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A Daily Gratitude Reading

Jul 27, 2022
Gratitude affirmation

I experience gratitude daily. Thankfulness comes naturally to me. I know that I am blessed, and I see my life through that lens. Remembering this brings me joy, and I like to feel that emotion, so I choose to experience gratitude daily! I am thankful for the wonderful people who surround me. They provide me…

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