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Useful Tricks to Improve Creative Thinking

Sep 15, 2022

You could occasionally feel weak in imagination. Your lack of creativity may be caused by a variety of factors. It’s possible that because you haven’t been consistently exercising your creative muscles, they have concealed themselves. You can utilize a variety of techniques to enhance your creative thinking. Creating routines, you follow frequently and habitually is…

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Things To Avoid If You Want To Think Creatively

Sep 8, 2022

We’re all occupied. Everybody’s life is too crowded to avoid being busy. We squeeze too many meetings into our days, have overflowing email inboxes, and spend hours trying to keep up with social media. But being busy just indicates that our priorities aren’t in order. Furthermore, when we are busy, our creativity diminishes. When we…

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The 5 Steps In The Creative Process

Sep 1, 2022

You can be surprised by how practical and straightforward creative works are when you study them. You might be curious as to how the concept was developed. What applications can you make of that creative process in your life and work? It’s not magic to be creative. It combines imitation, influence, and your own interpretation.…

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Gratitude Comment

Aug 30, 2022
The Four Agreements

There is simplicity in life – I think we try to make it too complicated. I have recently started to list 1,001 things that bring me more gratitude. I have found that the list comprises of everyday things, not “Big Ticket items.” When you stop taking things for granted, your life becomes more enjoyable!

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How to Make Networking Events Less Stressful

Aug 26, 2022

Can you think of anyone you know who actively seeks out networking opportunities? If you’re an introvert, this may seem unbearably awkward and uncomfortable for you. You recognize, however, the importance of networking to your professional success, whether your goal is to advance your current position or to launch a new venture. Developing strong networking…

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10 Ways to Develop Creativity

Aug 25, 2022

We all use creativity, although many think they lack it. However, one may train their creative thinking. Practice is the key to success in this pursuit. You will develop a natural ability to be creative to a greater extent the more frequently you engage in activities that exercise your creative muscles. Building your creative muscles…

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How do you think you would do?

Aug 22, 2022

I am currently watching Alone: Frozen – Episode 2 – have you seen it? Have you seen the Alone series? It’s amazing. I highly recommend it. ALONE: FROZEN drops 6 of ALONE’s strongest participants onto the frigid North Atlantic Coast as winter sets in. With just a few supplies and their previous experience, the survivalists…

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How Can I Live a Simple Life in A Modern World?

Aug 18, 2022

It takes bravery to live a simple life. Your family might not comprehend why you are passing on a job advancement that would have brought you a significant pay raise and a ton of new duties. Friends will wonder why you stopped participating in online discussions. As you pay off debt and sell your huge…

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