Thank You – You Rock

We have a special treat today – my good friend, Sheryl Siler, has written today’s article! She is awesome and has a lot of great things to say. I know you will enjoy it!


Another stop on the “Spring Forward” Blog tour and I am overjoyed I get to hang out here at All About Gratitude with my friend Paul. I am also touched at the lightness you can bring to a room Paul with your comedic relief! Whoo hoo!

You see Paul really does seize a moment and is grateful within it. Paul you rock!


It is so easy to get all caught up in ourselves.

I know I can do it.

I have items on my “To-Do” list that must get done. There are situations that need to get figured out.

But being wrapped up in myself can be like putting blinders on.

I start to easily take for granted the wonderful cup of coffee my husband brings me. I may not notice how incredible my daughter is as she asks the little boy in the elevator if he wants to push the button.

Are your blinders on or are you noticing the wonder around you in everyday life?

There is another thing that tends to happen when I get all caught up with myself, I also realize I notice more of what is wrong!

I start to see things in a more negative light? It is almost like a slight case of being like Eeyore….a woe is me kind of attitude starts to come out.

Do you relate to feeling a little like Eeyore at times?

It can be a pretty simple fix. When you work towards having a grateful heart you begin to notice what’s right instead of what’s wrong!

One of the best ways to notice what is right is to begin to actively showing others your appreciation for them.

It could be a simple “Thank You , I appreciate you”.

It could be leaving a note with a small gift.

Being grateful can be for something big or it can be for something small. The smallest things can make all difference in your life and that of others.

Here are some quick ideas for showing your gratitude to others.

1. Tell someone face to face how much they mean to you.

2. Put a note somewhere random that will make someone smile. Write in erasable marker on the bathroom mirror. Leave a note in a lunch box or brief case. Changing a screen saver.

3. Tell someone if you notice they’re doing a good job–if they are at their job tell that compliment to the manager or owner.

4. Give a (sincere) compliment – Try these: “I really love it when you____________” or “You’re so good at ___________________ ”

5. †Make someone laugh.


Start looking for ways to show your gratitude to others on a daily basis, and I bet that Eeyore outlook just may change to a more †positive one.

I wanted to help the readers here at All About Gratitude spread some “thank you’s” around. I’ve created little printable cards, free for the readers of All about Gratitude. You just need to be signed up for the blog tour updates here to get the download link.

Enjoy your day and have a little fun! Print out the cards and use them today. Also you can leave a comment below and share with us. Who do you want to say “Thank You” to?


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Prank It Forward

Be grateful for some April Fool’s pranks! How inspiring is this?!?


Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

Gratitude For Found Cash!

gratitude-money Last night I was expressing my gratitude as I was emptying my wallet of all the receipts I had in there.  When I go shopping, I like to get the receipt handed to me. I then either slip it into my wallet, or I fold it in half (so it will fit) and save it in my wallet.

Although I would like to have a ritual of clearing it out at the end of each day, that usually does not happen. As a result, I will have a week or two worth of receipts stored up in my bill fold. Ironically enough, I typically have more receipts in there than cash bills!

Back to the point of this short little gratitude story… I was cleaning out all the paper I had in there and lo and behold! I ‘found’ a twenty dollar bill that I did not know I had! What a happy feeling!

I love when the Universe presents me with money. “I’m a Money Magnet! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!”

Have you ever noticed that things come to you, not necessarily when you go struggling and looking for them, but when you are at ease? The times when you let go and go with the flow, life is easier! When you don’t focus frantically on something, it gets presented to you! When you are in a state of gratitude, everything is just right.

There have been plenty of times when I had more month left over than money in my bank account. Not a good feeling! There were times when my commitments surely would take more time than was left in the week. What to do? What to do? I remember getting all panicked wondering where the money would come from! How could I finish up what needed to be done. I felt DOOMED! Perhaps you have felt that way also? Not a good feeling, huh?

These days, I don’t focus on the money. Really! I don’t know when pay day is. I don’t worry about not being able to pay bills. I express my gratitude for my jobs and the fact that I have them! I am not willy-nilly and foolish when it comes to money, but it is not my focus. I do the right thing (at least I think I do), I do what I know needs to be done in order to earn the money, and it comes.

If money is tight, do what you have to do. You cannot sit around and hope for money to show up. You need to participate in the process. Actively seek out income producing activities. Work towards earning an income.

But, don’t stew on it!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

A Quote? Everyday?

(This is a previously posted post that I updated. I frequently get asked, “You send out a Gratitude Burst? Everyday? How interesting! Why?”

continentalI think it is time to outline the history of the Quote, and how it came about. I do not know the actual start date of the Quote of the Day, but something came up at work one day when a manager somewhere in the company made a decision and it was absurd; this was back in 1990, I think. I remember the project (AWS – for you former Continental Insurance people), I remember the group, and I remember the people. Anyway, the decision that was made was one of those things that you stop and ask yourself, “How in the world does that decision make any sense?” Some manager decided something that I certainly did no agree with, so I sent out a snippet to my coworkers as “The Quote of the Day.” This little sarcastic habit was very infrequent, and was only emailed out to a handful of people in my immediate department.

The rest of the history is a blur! I started to send out a quote on a regular basis. It was a lot less on the sarcasm, and it was based on something I read, or heard, or thought was inspiring. No longer was the email restricted to my coworkers, but I started sending it out to friends over the internet. Back in the early 90s, the internet was still relatively new and not everyone had an email address. Everything was done manually back then. I maintained my own distribution list, and would have to add someone by typing in their email address. When someone no longer wanted the Quote, I would get an email and I would have to delete them… again manually.

The Quote of the Day started to become popular. Recipients of the list would forward it on to people whom they thought would enjoy it. After some time, they would get tired of forwarding on the email, so I would get requests to add their friends to the list. Again, another manual process. I remember adding people based on what a friend would say and then getting back a harsh email from the recipient asking to be taken off the list! This was well before spam was an issue and double opt-in lists did not exist!

After a couple of those emails, I started to have people send me an email if they wanted to be added (“If you want your friend to get the quote, please have him/her send me a quote requesting to be place on the list.”). Again this was a time consuming effort. But, I enjoyed it. The quotes that I would send out made people smile, laugh, it gave them something to think about, it helped inspire some people to do things they may not have done. I enjoy the quotes, and I just wanted to share.

Maintaining the list became too much of a burden, so I started to look for some sort of service to help me out. On May 11th, 2000, I signed up at a website called, Topica, and the administrative aspects were automated for me. Topica handled all the requests for subscribing, for removing, etc. It was like getting a vacation!

Every day at work, the first thing I would do is send out my Quote of the Day email. Every day, this was still a manual task. Again, I was happy to do it. I actually wrote a computer program once to send out a quote a day and all I had to do was load them up, in bulk, every once in a while. I abandoned that project (or I should say, I never implemented the program) because I wanted to keep it personal. I would say that about 50% of the quotes are sent out with some hidden meaning in them. You can tell the way I am feeling by the quote I send out. Or, the quote has a theme for the day. (If you have your old quotes, look at April 15th, or March 13th, Nov. 30th)

With the launch of the new website,, I decided that it was time to bump up the List Management aspect of the list. Whereas Topica is a free service, I am now paying a monthly fee to have the quote list maintained. I am hoping that with the service I am using, Aweber, the list will become a more reliable than the free service.

If you have any quotes you would like to share, please send them to me. If you just enjoy receiving them, have fun with them. With that said, I am grateful for those subscribers who are on the list, and for those of you who send me your comments every once in a while. If you are not on the list and would like to become a member, please sign up at:


This is it!

I was searching around on the internet and stumbled upon this bumper sticker at .

This is it

This is it

Plain and simple. Direct and to the point. This is it. There is no tomorrow (not yet at least – but by the time tomorrow is here then, this is it). There should be no waiting for something to arrive, or start. No procrastination. Will things be better in the future? I hope so. But for right now, for this moment, this is it.

A while ago an email was floating around demonstrating the need to enjoy life now, be grateful for what you have, and do not wait for special occasions to use the good china. I think I am going to search for that message and post it tomorrow!

Be Well.

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