I Relaxed A Little Bit…

If you receive the Gratitude Quote of the Day, you know that I wanted to get away this weekend and start the Camping Season early! Well, that did not exactly happen. I was productive in other sorts of ways (refinance my mortgage, finish grading allĀ  the labs for my course as well as submitting final grades, family time including time with my crazy Aunt (you know who you are!) and paying the bills).

With all of that, I also had the first fire out on the patio in the new fire pit! Nothing can be more relaxing for me than staring into a fire and simply thinking nothing. Well, I did keep thinking how nice it will be once I go camping… But for the most part I was just zoning out and clearing my mind.

I would say the weekend was a success! I hope yours was too!

Be Well.

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