Grateful I can still remember it all…

I had fun tonight… I brushed off the cobwebs and did some math problems to help out Lisa tonight. (Maybe she was just testing me to see if I could do it, I am not sure…) But in any case, she prompted the world of her FaceBook Friends to give her a hand with her homework. Lots of people gave suggestions. It was interesting to see all the possible answers 🙂

It took me back to my years of teaching math for the Princeton Review. That was a lot of fun. It was also a good feeling to get back some of the brain cells that have not been utilized for a while (well, the brain cells that know that any number raised to a negative fraction goes in the denominator and is a root… glad you asked?)

Seriously – the bottom line was I got to do some mental gymnastics and help her out before calling it a day! Chalk it up as a win-win situation!

Life is good!

Be Well.

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