Grateful for Protection

I wrote about ‘issues’ I have had in the past with spam, viruses, and other nasty computer things. I spend a lot of time cleaning up Friends’ and Family’s computers of these things; I thought I would take some time to help you prevent some of these problems.

There are hundreds of thousands of online bots and hackers that are just looking for that one single opening that will allow them to infiltrate your computer.  Spyware and viruses can be annoying, destructive, intrusive, and more than likely very harmful to your computer. The most prominent consequence of spyware and viruses is the self- installation of toolbars, pop-ups and fake sites that come along with it. While spyware can do these things – along with steal your personal info, a virus can flat out destroy your computer all together. This being said, there are certain programs – free and paid, that you can get to help protect yourself. These programs, along with little steps you emp
loy will ensure you and your PC are both ready to tackle the online world.

Download or Buy Virus and Spyware Protection

There are several versions of programs that are available for purchase that will give you this spyware and virus removal software. There are also some free ones that often work just as well. Popular scanning software includes XoftSpySE, Norton and McAfee. There are a couple of popular free downloads that work very well too. These free downloadable spyware scanners are Windows Defender, AVG free, and Avast. Get your hands on any one of these available programs and immediately strengthen your defenses. Personally, I use AVG and Avast! on my machines that I use.

Check Your Computers Cookies Everyday

Your computer builds up “cookies” everyday; this in turn can make your Internet run much slower than it really should. If you check your cookies on your own then often times you will be able to see the spyware and adware that are being he
ld within them. By deleting these cookies you are in turn getting rid of these threats on your own.

These are just a couple things you can do to protect yourself. Be grateful that have to deal with this things – there are many people who do not have access to a computer and by default, do not have these issues.

Be Well.

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