Advice From Jimmy Buffett For More Gratitude!

I think the Universe is sending me some gratitude! As you may know, I am currently down south in Florida. Specifically, I am in Delray Beach, FL. This morning, I was driving and listening to the Margarita Channel on satellite radio. Call it fate. Call it Kismet. Call it what you will. As I was driving this morning to my meeting, a song that came on the radio this morning was a Jimmy Buffett song titled, No Plane on Sunday.

Jimmy Buffett certainly is full of gratitude!

As I listened to Jimmy singing like only he can sing it, the song immediately reminded me that having gratitude in your mindset can help with any “unfortunate” events that might arise. It does not matter how big or small this non-fortunate event is! If you simply take a step back and reassess the situation (and think gratitude), you  might find out that life is not as bad as you may think at the moment of  distress! The chorus of the lyrics say:

No plane on Sunday
Maybe be one come Monday
Just a hopeless situation
Make the best of it’s all you can do
’til they get through

Poor Jimmy is stuck on an island and there is no plane to take him back to the mainland until Monday. Oh no! What to do… What to do?

The best thing to do in any situation is to make the most of it! Many people would not see it as a problem if you are “stuck” on an island for an extra day. Why is it easier to deal with an extra day on a Caribbean island than it is to deal with a flat tire? How come some people are happier to see goodness in one situation and not another? Shouldn’t gratitude occur regardless of the situation?

The next time you find yourself in a situation that is not going as planned, be grateful! There will be something good that becomes of it – you may have to look twice, or search for it, but if you seek with gratitude, you will certainly find that things needs not be so bad!

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