Gratitude For Teaching

Is it Gratitude or Butterflies that I am feeling? I am not sure!

This evening I will start the new semester at Brookdale Community college. I have been teaching there in 1996 (I think). I teach technical courses like computer programming in languages like Pascal (years ago!),, C++, JavaScript, HTML, and this semester will be Systems Analysis and Design.

As I started to write, I have gratitude for being able to influence, shape, and mold the students that want to be transformed. This can be a challenge sometimes seeing as this is a required course. Did I mention that it is also a lot of work for them? And group work (something most students do not like to do!)

All in all, I still project my gratitude to my students and the effort they will put forth. In the past, there have been challenges for me with this course (I taught it 3 semesters ago). There was a group that did not attend when they were supposed to present (that hurts their grade!). There was a case of academic dishonesty (which is not fun to confront students about), and one of the most difficult challenges is that the course starts at 7 pm and runs til 9:40 pm! That can be late for a bunch of people who are working full time to begin with!

By dealing with these challenges, I can push myself further to learn and grow. Generally, I do not teach the same course semester after semester. I like to have the variety to prepping for a new class and needing to be sharp and prepared for class. I enjoy learning new concepts or re-learning after a while (see this post here).

But again, I do this for the enjoyment, for the satisfaction, and for the joy I get from teaching. Surely this is one thing which brings me gratitude! And by looking at the favorable things, any ‘negatives’ are easily dealt with.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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