Gratitude Story

I received the following gratitude story from a friend in an email:

My daughter, 25 at the time, took me to my favorite diner for lunch. There was a man, wearing an old army jacket, that obviously had some mental disabilities as well as financial problems. The waitresses were extremely discourteous and insisted the man show them his money before they would take his order…very publicly.

When we were in line, checking out, them old man was in front us of, paying his bill. My daughter reached out and paid his bill, while chastising the waitresses. She also gave our tip to the man and thanked him for being so courteous during his harassment. I was so proud I cried right there in the restaurant. I always told the kids that “doing the right thing” wasn’t easily definable, but they’d know it when they saw it….

This is a great story for a few reasons – first, I think that our armed forces should be recognized for all the good that they do for us. They protect us and let us have our freedom. They allow me to blog and share the gratitude! Thanks to my nephew, Neil, who is serving as a Proud Marine!

Next, I think it is awesome that assistance was provided to someone who needs it. Help was given when it was not requested. Nothing was expected in return.

Lastly, it reminded me of a similar experience I had – you can read my gratitude story here.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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