I am Touched!

You may not have noticed it recently, however, I have updated the sign-up page for the Gratitude Quote of the Day (www.AllAboutGratitude.com). Over the past weekend, I decided to list some ‘testimonials’ or short notes that I have received from people on the list. I then sent out a few emails to ask for some people’s responses to the site and see what they think about the Daily Quotes. All weekend long the emails were coming in.

Officially, this website went live on Memorial Day, May 25th, 2009. How fitting that today it is about 3 months later and we are still around 🙂 The blogging has continued about 5-6 times a week, and the material keeps coming. The list of subscribers continues to rise, so I know the word is getting out to people. I hope that I am doing something good in my little corner of the world. Occasionally, people will leave comments on the blog, so I know people appreciate what I am doing.

Back to the first point, I started to make. The replies that came in touched me. First of all, I am grateful that people wrote back and let me know how they feel about the Quotes. What I really found pleasing is that so many people indicated that they read the quotes and then think about them. They contemplate the message that is sent out and they let it transform them a bit. With the flood of emails that we all get on a daily basis, it is easy to skip the Quote because it does not seem to have the immediacy of an upcoming meeting or the latest sale at your local shop. However, when you start to think about it, the Gratitude Quote of the Day actually complements everything that you. The more you are able to be grateful, the better your meeting will progress and the more satisfied you will be at that shopping sale!

Feel free to leave a comment at any time either here on the blog, or send me an email!

Be Well.

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  1. Alicia Beth Lane on August 25, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Hi Paul just writing to let you know that I really appreciate your blog. I find that it helps me to accept difficult situations a little bit more in my life. Thank you Alicia

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