Gratitude for Jo & Joe

Today’s gratitude post is pertinent for 2 family members who are driving back north from being in Florida during the winter. Yup! You can call them Snow Birds for sure! To keep their identity a secret, let’s just call them ‘Jo and Joe’.

‘Jo’ asked if I could come up with something witty for their pilgrimage back to Pennsylvania. I found an article from the NY Times, but I was informed that it was too long to re-post (besides, I am awaiting permission to republish that content). Instead or re-posting that article, I give your MY list of Things to be Grateful for that are associated with Florida and Driving. Here goes…


MY list of Things to be Grateful for that are associated with Florida and Driving

1. Looking forward to Pedro and South of the Border and all those billboards.

2. Recollections of driving from NY to FL (and back) on Spring Break. In the back of a pickup truck.With 3 girls. Worst. Trip. Ever!

3. Moving and driving my Dad and Mom down to FL.

4. Moving and driving my Brother down to FL. With a huge dog in the back of the car. Who was having stomach issues!

5. Moving (and driving that 22-foot truck) my Mom back North!

6. Not having to help my brother move back North! Talk about gratitude!

7. As a child, we went camping all the way down from NY to FL and back. “Are we there yet?”

8. Visiting my friend Ray at Disney when he lived at 456 Seven Dwarf Lane

9. Driving rental cars down “The Strip” in Fort Lauderdale on Spring Break.

10. Of course, the limo drive from one side of Disney to the Other when we got married.

Alright, I admit that my 10 Florida driving experiences might not mean a lot right now, but I expect to see a comment posted with at least a couple highlights of your drive back!

Have a safe trip back, Jo & Joe!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru


  1. Melissa on April 15, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    We made it to Hopewell, VA, in 12 hours, 850 miles. A little under 300 miles tomorrow to home base. Lots and lots of traffic including the “Lucy & Desi” long, long trailers. Arrived safe and sound and spent a lot of time discussing the Gratitude Blog of today. I thought it was a math test with all the daughters and running out of gas. That discussion combined with the new Michael Connelly book on c/d and the time passed pretty quickly. Of course, there was the car full of fun snacks that wasn’t too bad either! Paul, you’re good under pressure, thanks for the blog today. See you Easter Sunday.

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