Can You Have Gratitude In The Office?

Gratitude-OffYesterday I posed the question, “Is it possible to have gratitude in the office place?” Do you always get along with your co-workers? Sometimes it can be a little tough, especially if you have embarked on a journey to better your self. Today I am going to talk about the mental side of this.

Mental and Emotional Changes Bring Joy, Love, and Gratitude

To help your associates be more harmonious, try these tips:

1.    Play some relaxing background music. Quiet and peaceful music works best. The selections should be something that almost everyone will like. Also, not everyone tunes out background noise well, so the music must be soft and generally without lyrics. On a side note, if you ever want to relax and calm down, play some nice relaxing music; when you de-stress, you will feel more gratitude.

2.    Affirm others and speak well of them. At times, you may have co-workers you don’t care for, but there’s no reason to bad-mouth them. Bad mouthing will never get you anywhere. Find something nice to say to them or about them. If you really can’t say anything positive, simply keep quiet. Gossiping solves nothing.

3.    Choose your battles. There will always be times when situations don’t go exactly as you planned, or when you have to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You can do that in a non-confrontational way. Consider the interests and needs of the people you’re interacting with. Talk to them intelligently and be fair. Avoid attacking them personally.

•    If the battle isn’t one that you really must win, let it go.

Overall, when you’re more relaxed and happy, others around you will be that way too. They’ll see that they don’t need to be short-tempered or angry to get things done.Gratitude can, and will, prevail. Positivity is a great message to send out to your workplace and to the world as a whole. When others adopt your new attitude, you spread happiness far beyond your immediate circle of influence. Speak and interact gently in the workplace. You know you have good intentions, but others may not. Avoid criticizing people or demanding that they do things your way. When you are peaceful and happy, others will eventually follow.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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  1. Menka on April 25, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Certainly it does. Thanks Paul.

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