How to Find More Fulfillment and Gratitude in Your Life

Gratitude-FulfillmentThere are ways to find more fulfillment and gratitude in your life once you decide to seek it out. Making the most of your life means different things to different people. To determine what it means to you, you may need (and want) to do some soul-searching. Once you discover what you truly desire, you can move toward it and find meaning in the process.

One way to find fulfilling meaning is by helping others. Helping others is an effective way to receive more gratitude from your life. You can volunteer your time and talents if you have the time (or better stated, if you want to make the time). If time is not an option, you can donate money or some of your property to a worthy or charitable cause. In doing so, you may find a sense of peace and joy that didn’t exist within you before. Of course, when times are tight, you may find it difficult to give financially; you may not be able to donate other items either. Don’t worry – there are always ways to help.

Give of Yourself and feel the gratitude

Keep in mind that giving takes many forms; when you give of yourself, you get more joy from your life, . Consider all that you have to offer. Sometimes just being with someone and listening to his/her troubles or lending a hand to help can make a huge difference. By helping others to lead fulfilling lives, you will enrich your own. There are many organizations that can use your time.

To get the most from your life and move forward toward the life you desire, look for any ways that you can be a help to other people.

Try these ideas to get you started:

1. Offer to spend some time with a hospice group or a nursing home where you can cheer up residents and spend some time with them.
2. Provide financial support, material items, or your time to a charity you believe in.
3. Use your talents or time to support a program that helps less fortunate people.
4. Share your time with your loved ones, friends and family, to help them succeed and move forward in life.
5. Provide support for animals in your local community so they have shelter and food.

Remember Your Own Needs

When you start to care for others, you’ll enjoy a healthy dose of personal fulfillment, but don’t forget that you’ll still need to tend to your own needs, too. You’ll be more helpful to others if you also take time for yourself. Rest and relaxation is important for your own life satisfaction. Like the airlines say, “Put on your oxygen mask first and then assist others who may need it.”

A good way to find some peace and relaxation can be through prayer and meditation. The key to this here is to find what works for you and then practice it and use it. The better you feel and the more energy you have, the more you can offer to others. This, in turn, re-energizes you more and makes you feel even better about yourself.

Just as important as doing things to help others, avoid worrying too much about the things you cannot change. This is easier said than done, but it’s very important. When you get worried and stressed out, your energy is devoted to managing your challenges instead of to helping others. By focusing on the beauty in life and refraining from negativity, you usher in feelings of peace and joy.

When you feel relaxed in your mind and heart, it’s much easier to feel fulfilled, joyous, and full of gratitude. You also demonstrate harmonious living to the world, which can bring relief and happiness to others who might be struggling. In cultivating inner peace, you bring satisfaction to yourself and others, rewarding you with the fulfilling life you deserve!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru


  1. Ina Kelly on April 29, 2011 at 6:55 am

    Great words to remember Paul! I know when I focus on myself and “my little world”, my problems and worries seem so much bigger than they are. When I take the time to focus on others with my time, or attention, my problems tend to shrink and I gain perspective again.

    The one thing I am guilty of overlooking is taking care of myself. What I finally realized was that if I don’t take time to “fill my tank”, I have nothing to give to others… and then it felt more like a chore than a blessing.

    I am so grateful that I found your ‘All About Gratitude’ site. Thank you for everything that you do to remind all of us how much we truly have to be grateful for!

    Blessings to you!

    • Paul on April 29, 2011 at 9:07 am

      @Ina – While you may *think* about your own “little world” affects only you, it really has a much greater impact than you probably aware of. I am sure that the simple act of posting this comment has already affected at least 5 people; it certainly resonated with me!

      I am reminded of Dan Millman’s quote in the Peaceful Warrior: “There are no ordinary moments.” You have no “little world” – and I am grateful for that!


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