Gratitude for Flowers

Today’s post is coming from my friend, Michele Tremblay! She is an Expert Floral Designer with anything to do with flowers! She can always express her gratitude for flowers. Without further adieu, here is Michele’s post:

There are many reasons to be grateful every day. Here are some of my flower gratitudes…. Here are some in no particular order.

gratitude-flowerSo grateful to have beautiful flowers to look at every Spring.
So grateful to have had wonderful people to teach me how to handle flowers.
So grateful to have helped Brides make their wedding days extra special.
So grateful to help an already beautiful house even more beautiful with flowers.
So grateful to do flowers where young children live and help show them live with the beauty of the world around them.
So grateful to have flowers to talk about when there seems to be no common interest.
So grateful that my sons and my husband have all developed a deep love for having flowers around the house. They really do lift everyone’s spirit.
So grateful to live in a neighborhood where people enjoy beautifying the surroundings we all share.
So grateful that flowers can really show each of us how to blossom…just relax…no pushing necessary.
So grateful to know when a friend or a stranger learns a little about flowers, they can change their every day lives with so little effort…It only takes one beautiful blossom…something as simple as a buttercup to the most exotic orchid to change a moment.
So grateful to have an opportunity to share what I have learned with the people and friends in my world.
So grateful to recognize that when feeling unsettled, the act of arranging flowers can help calm one and be in and of the very moment. That’s where flowers exist. In this very moment.

Thank you for reading this list. Hope there is something here for you!

Michele Tremblay

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Try expressing your gratitude today using flowers. Maybe you can share one with someone. Perhaps you can simply sit and reflect on how flowers increase your gratitude.  As the saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses” (or any other flower you desire!)

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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