Binary Day

Bob the Teacher pointed out that today is a Binary day!

What’s a Binary Day?

It’s when the date on the calendar reads like a binary number – a number created with just zeroes and ones. And it’s very rare!

Today (Jan. 1, 2010) is 010110 – which translates to the number 22.

Then later in the month, it will be January 10 – 011010 (26) and then January 11 – 011110 (30).

We’ll have 6 more in October and November, another round of 9 in 2011, but not another one again for 100 years!

What does this have to do with being grateful? Probably nothing. : -)

Actually… would it be a stretch to say that I am grateful to be able to look at things in more than one way? Like looking at the date and seeing it differently than normal. Of course, I am grateful for Bob having pointed that out to me! Binary numbers are the basis of computers, and I am VERY grateful for computers! Without them, you would not be reading this right now!

So, it is true that there is gratitude in everything!

Have a wonderful 2010! I look forward to a fantastic year with you and the All About Gratitude website!

Be Well.

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