Sheryl Siler’s Interview / Conversation

SherylSilerHere is a recent interview/conversation that I had with my friend, Sheryl Siler. She recently launched her book, Snapshots: Great Attitudes & Positive Self-Talk – Conquering Your Self Defeating Self-Talk. We were fortunate enough to have Sheryl write a guest post for us, Thank You – You Rock!

I met Sheryl, her husband, and their children a few years ago. They are awesome people! I look forward to the times we spend together. One thing for sure, Sheryl has a passion for learning, enjoys teaching and inspires others with her heart of service. She is always giving, giving, giving. Sheryl enjoyed serving as Children’s ministry leader for a campus of a large church in her area but realized she was hiding out there. Years prior she had felt the nudge to speak to women and then quickly shut it out because of feelings of not being good enough despite what she knew of what the bible said about her.

Her journey is the reason she founded and created the website, It’s a place she encourages women to grow out of negative self-talk, fear, and loneliness; bloom into the positive, confident women they are called to be; and inspire women to love themselves and then pay it forward and be an encouragement to others.

Here is a little secret for you all… Guys can get a lot out of her website as well!

Our conversation is about half an hour where we talk about gratitude, sharing, being of service to others and a whole bunch of good stuff!

Click here to listen to the interview.



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