You Can’t Do it Wrong

I received an interesting email from a subscriber who asked about the right way to be grateful:

Hi – thanks for all the good work you are doing with your quote. I find that when I read it, I think about what you write and I feel the gratitude. But once work starts, I seem to forget about it. I think that I am not doing this correctly. Can you help me out? Blessings to you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is important for people to understand that ANYTHING you do (with regards to gratitude) is right! There are no wrong ways to feel gratitude. When you experience gratitude, you are elevating your vibration to a higher level. This is true even if it is for just a short time. The more you practice being grateful, the longer you will stay at that level.

Growing up in a musical household, we had a hand-painted framed sign than read, “Practice Makes Perfect” (in recent years, I have come to learn that an important word was missing from that phrase; it should have read “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”, but I digress…) The more you practice being grateful, the easier it will come.

Think back to one of the earliest times when you were learning to be grateful. As a child, I am sure your parents reminded you to say, “Thank You” all the time. You needed to be reminded to do so, because you were not accustomed to do so.

Today, however, I am sure that saying Thank You is second nature. You probably say it without thinking about it. The same is true with Gratitude. I think that too many times, “Thank You” is said out of habit; it is a natural verbal response. The next time you give Thanks, rather than just saying it, try to feel it. Feel the gratitude. The more you feel it, the more natural it will occur.

There is no wrong way to be grateful. Just keep at it.

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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