Boy Was I Ever Grateful!

There I was last night talking on the phone to my friend, Ruth. Usually there are 4 of us are on our weekly call, but last night it was just the two of us. I asked how I could help Ruth set up her WordPress blog. She had a simple question which I knew the answer, however I had never tried to do what she wanted. No problem, let me try it out on MY blog which is already operational. With the simple click of 3 key strokes, The All About Gratitude blog was rendered USELESS!

As soon as I made the change, the site went down. Not only was it down, but I could not log back in to change it back! I got the dreadful ‘404 – Page Not Found error! How the heck would I fix this??!! I needed to log into a page that no longer existed!

At this point, I could have panicked. I could have hung up the phone and worked on the problem feverishly. (Of course, you know what happens in the end… you are reading this blog after all!) I didn’t do much of anything actually! What I did was just continue to have my weekly conversation and wait until we hung up before looking into the problem.

Similar to today’s quote with the theme, “What goes around, comes around“, I was sure that since I was helping Ruth with her problem, I would get the help I need to resolve my problem. My assistance came in the form of a thought! After thinking up some awesome thoughts, I went to work and I was able to create a work-around solution that got everything back up and running smoothly! It pays to remain calm when you think everything is crumbling underneath you. It Boy was pays to step back when it looks like 10 months of daily work is gone. Breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Be Well.

In the event that you are wondering what I did to really mess things up, I changed the following settings to a directory that does not exist!

Try not to change these to a directory that does not exist!

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