Have Gratitude for Rising Costs?

OK – I can’t really say that I have gratitude for rising costs, per say… However, there is hope and for that, I am grateful! I was talking with my friend, Steve, earlier today. He is my buddy that knows all sorts of things about Being Green, Saving the Environment, and above all, is just a nice guy. He told me that he wrote an article titled. Gas Prices Headed Higher: How To Go Green and Cut Expense , so I had to read it!

Gratitude-GasAs you may already know, I love my car. I have said it before – my little black scooter brings a lot of gratitude to me when I drive it. My friends know it. My co-workers tease me about it. Is certainly is not the most expensive car, not the biggest, nor the fastest. It gets me to where I need to go. And when I go to work, I need to like my car. You see, I drive over an hour each day, each way from home to work. You can tell I do a lot of driving!

When Steve showed me, i.e., listed, 4 EASY ways to save energy (you can read that as GAS which mean MONEY), I was grateful to learn that I already just did 2 of them, but I have the opportunity to do 2 more.  This is going to be important because my father-in-law (who lives in the same town as me) told me that his energy bill for his house was the highest it has ever been! I can probably expect the same thing at home, so anywhere I can save a few bucks, and save the environment is OK in my book!

I think it is time to read through more posts on Steve’s site: http://livinggreenandsavingenergy.com/ – I am also thinking of having a separate call with Steve about just this topic? Interested? Let me know!

Be Well.
The Gratitude Guru

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