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Don’t Focus on the Money

A recent comment from a friend said, “You have time to blog!”, indicating that blogging was a waste of time and not a “money maker.”

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Jennfer and the Case of the Missing PowerPoint file

Last night, I logged onto Facebook and just at that instance, I had a message sent to me that said: “Hey Paul B. I know you’re an Apple person, but do you know about Microsoft 2007 programs for PC? I NEED HELP!” This message was sent only 46 seconds before I logged on. Coincidence? Hmmm.…

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Money Magnet, Again


Quick little post for today…  On 2 separate occasions, in 2 separate locations, the Universe provided me with more money. I’m a Money Magnet! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Be Well. Sign up for the Gratitude Quote of the Day

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