A Gratitude Walk

I have written about gratitude journals before (see this posting here). Something along the same lines would be a gratitude walk!

When it comes to bringing thoughts of gratitude to your mind, a gratitude walk is similar to the gratitude journal. Rather than taking the time to write down and record your thoughts in some sort of binder or journal, you generate a list of those things in your head while you go for a walk. For some people, myself included, I get into a rhythm of thinking to the beat of my walking stride.

For me, I have found that walking in a park or on a shady trail, or even deep in the woods works best! Anytime I go for a hike and am isolated from people and surrounded by nature, I feel much better. Many people feel better when you go out and get fresh air. This also helps clear your mind, provides a bit of exercise, gets your body moving,
gets the blood flowing and overall puts you in a better frame of mind! (On a side note, I frequently will get up in the middle of the day while working at my desk, walk out the side door and come back in through the front door – this short 2 minutes sometimes will ‘re-boot’ me!)

If you are set in your habits of writing in your journal, try bringing it with you on a hike or walk, or, write in it once you complete your walk.

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